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Moontower Dental

One More Reason to Smile

About Moontower Dental

Moontower Dental is a locally-owned and operated family dental practice new to Austin, Texas, and we are located on Airport Boulevard and 53rd Street. We offer proactive, quality healthcare in a safe and comfortable environment. At Moontower Dental, your health is our number one priority, and we make sure to meet all your needs in a timely manner. Dental pain is no joke and we understand that.  We will work hard to make sure you are seen quickly and will do everything we can to address your pain and help resolve it!  We are not a corporation or DSO. We have one office, and the practice is run by the owner, Dr. Gillett. 

Our Team

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Dr. Landon Gillett


Dr. Gillett is a native El Pasoan. He has called Austin home for over 15 years after graduating from Baylor College of Dentistry. He believes in treating patients as he would his own family. 

Outside of the office, Dr. Gillett spends his spare time playing guitar, riding bikes, exploring the Greenbelt, and finding new music. You can often find him kayaking the various creeks and rivers in the Austin area with his Boston terriers, Link and Ophelia. 

banks 2022.jpg


Chief Dog 2014-2024

Banks was the Moontower Dental Chief Dog, probably the most important job on staff. He made sure he got enough sleep, ate enough foodies, and solicited humans for pets everywhere he went. Sadly, Banks left us in January 2024, but his spirit remains strong within Moontower Dental.



Emergency Dentistry 

A toothache is a miserable thing to go through! Dr. Gillett has had a bad toothache himself and he feels your pain.  Getting you out of pain is our number one priority and we are here for you! We have extensive experience in emergency services like root canals and extractions. Have a bit of dental anxiety?  We offer nitrous in every exam room and sedation to take the edge off.

Cosmetic Dentisty and Teeth Whitening

Like to change the appearance of your smile? We can help you with that.  We have a range of treatments from bleaching to veneers that can get you smiling bright and wide.

Custom Mouth Guards

You know the old saying "You don't know what you've got till it's gone?" Well, that goes for teeth, too!  Tooth wear from grinding and clenching can cause painful, expensive, and sometimes non-restorable problems with your teeth.  This is where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A custom night guard  can help protect those pearly whites from loosing enamel that will never grow back!   We also offer custom guards to protect teeth from sports-related injuries as well.

Preventative Care

Regular dental check-ups go a long way to prevent issues with your teeth and gums.  We offer a comfortable non-judgmental environment so your experience is ideal.

Restorative Dentistry

Got a cavity or a broken tooth? We can fix you up with a tooth colored filling or a crown.

Missing teeth?

Have a missing tooth or teeth? We can fix you up. If you need partial or full replacement of teeth, we have you covered. We offer bridges, implant restorations and dentures to complete your smile.

Tooth Alignment

Looking for a straighter smile? We got you covered!  We offer clear aligners as an alternative to traditional braces for a more confident smile. 

Gum Treatment

Your gums and bone support your teeth just like the foundation of your house.  It's important to address any gum problems early to keep the teeth supported and to minimize inflammation that can worsen overall health. A deep cleaning can address bone loss and inflammation. 



Christopher J.

You're not gonna find a better Dentist or Dental Office. Dr. Gillet is a Class Act, extremely knowledgeable in his field, and you are always going to be treated fairly, and with compassion. I first went to him around 2010 or so and I keep going back. The office has great atmosphere and music. He is a New Father, and I'm sure he's Great at that also. You'll be a patient for Life.

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